GPS Sat Nav’s – How Do You Choose?

GPS Sat Nav's - How Do You Choose?Global Location Units (Sat Nav’s)  make navigation very simple, whether you’re behind the wheel of your automobile or on a journey by foot, nevertheless with the greater competition from cell phones and integrated in automobile software applications, the selling prices on navigation portables devices are also nowadays much less than ever before.

The first challenge you need to ask yourself before you buy a Sat Nav is, Do I have to have a GPS Unit? In all honesty not you don’t, buy they are getting very affordable meaning that even though you only use your GPS unit several times in a whole year, it can be still more than worth it to be getting one, put it in your vehicle and make use of it to stop yourself getting lost.

Its obvious that know one likes getting lost and with the limited price which you now have to invest to have a GPS navigation unit, it is sensible to order a unit and have it in your truck for the occasions that you really want to put it to use. So in the case you’re asking yourself whether you want to buy a unit, you need to decide on which unit to buy, the best way to do this is to view a GPS shoppers guide should give you whatever you all the information that you need to have.

Exactly How Big Is Your Display

The screen height and width of your navigation device will certainly and directly affect the cost, with much larger screen units costing more. A five-inch monitor has become the normal for many appliances, but the truth is it can really help you to save you money if you choose some-thing smaller. You may also find a small in sized model is better for you especially if you’re wanting to fit the device to your windscreen – you don’t want the device blocking your view of the road.

Which Maps?

Plenty of Navigation technologies come with a full set of maps, nevertheless because of construction works and new streets that are being constructed they won’t stay up to date forever. Because of this, investing in a navigation system that has suitable update facilities can be quite valuable. Confirm what the update rule is for your intended navigation system before you buy, with plenty of models charging for improvements, which might prove more expensive down the road.

Which Options

When you buy a GPS Unit, You will have plenty of Options to choose from with some being great investments and some being totally useless.  Below we have tried to list the options that you want to think about with your GPS Unit.

  • Website Traffic Data – Web content data features can be bought, but they normally are much lower quality than paid for sites, so make sure that you buy yourself a GPS unit that comes with Traffic Data already installed.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – This enables connectability to a mobile for hassle-free hands-free cell phone calls
  • Lane guide Technology – This helps to ensure that you’re always in the right lane where ever you are on the road
  • Text to Speech Capability – This system uses Voices to tell you the name of a specific highway instead of normal instruction
  • Multi-Routing – helps you schedule several different stops on your own trip
  • Voice Detection – Control Your GPS Unit without pressing buttons.
  • Safety Camera Alerts – Get Alerts to inform you at the time you’re coming onto speed digital cameras
  • POI databases – look up for places in your city to include tourist attractions, restaurants and even motels

If You Really Don’t Want to Buy A GPS Unit, Watch Below to see why your mobile is better than a GPS