Introducing the Nintendo Wii

Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LM - 7-Inch GPS Navigator for RVersWii (pronounced WE) is a revolutionary, intuitive gaming console which Nintendo will be bringing to the gaming table in a whole new dimension on November 19th. The console, which only measures 8.5 inches long, 6 inches wide, and skinny, at less than 2 inches thick, weighs in at a mere 2.65 pounds.

Breaking the barriers of the gaming world, this console comes with one Wii Remote (wireless), Wii Sports (which includes 5 mini-games from bowling to baseball, golf, tennis, and boxing). A sensor bar, power cord and standard composite cable is included, as well.

Anyone who has ever gamed, whether as a couch potato or as a competitive gamer, or a less-serious on-looker, will be thrilled at the wireless abilities the Wii offers gamers! It looks like a TV remote, but it sure has more capabilities than one. You can connect up to 4 Wii Remotes to one console thanks to Bluetooth. The phat factor is the wireless—the wireless signal can be detected within 10 METERS of the console. Both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk (more on that later) include MOTION SENSORS. The Wii Remote will blow the competitors doors off because it has a speaker, a rumble function, an expansion port. You can even use it as a pointer within 5 METERS of the screen. On the Wii Remote, you’ll find its own power switch, a pad, A, B, Minus, Home, 1 and 2 buttons. The Nunchuk (which is a little more like a traditional game paddle despite its name) has an analog control stick and two buttons, C and Z, check it out here

The installation instructions may seem hefty, but the game was operational in minutes! Since the Wii is so tiny, it’s easy to hide next to your TV set, no matter how big or small a screen you have.

The Wii plays single or double layered 12-cm optical discs made for the Wii console. The good news is that it is backwards compatible, so you can play your older GameCube discs, as well.

One of the mind shattering features the Wii provides is its Internet connectivity. It can access the Net even when your unit is powered off. The WiiConnect24 provides you with game updates, new game surprises, you get the picture! You can also connect through your home wireless network using Wi-Fi, or you can keep your old wired connection with the Wii LAN adaptor. Of course, Wii can communicate wirelessly with the Nintendo DS. They speak the same language, don’t ya know?

Another huge plus: you can download 20 YEARS of favorite Nintendo titles released for the Nintendo 64, Super NES and the NES. By using the Virtual Console section of the the Wii Shop Channel, you can also select some of the best games from the Sega Genesis and from TurboGrafx16 consoles! This will give indie developers a chance to offer their games to you and you can try them out and see if they fit your gaming needs if not check it out here at !

Specs include 512 meg of interal flash memory, 2 USB 2.0 ports, built-in Wi-Fi. There’s also a bay for a SD memory card to help you maximize your internal flash memory. This is true state of the art technology from the geniuses at Nintendo! The CPU is actually a PowerPC, made with a 90 nm SOI CMOS process, jointly developed with and manufactured by IBM.

You can buy additional accessories for your Wii system. Current prices are the Wii Remote: $39.99, the Nunchuk $19.99, the Classic Controller $19.99, and Wii Points Card: $20 for 2,000 points (use points to download games!).

Other features include 4 ports for classic Nintendo GameCube controllers, 2 slots for Nintendo GameCube Memory Cards, an AV multi-output port for component, composite, or S-video.

A side-note from the Editor:

I’ve watched my head games tester play the Wii from our sneak peak days and week before launch. I am blown away by the wireless capabilites. Nintendo has truly broken gaming ground and the Wii will be a MUST-HAVE on your kids’ Christmas list! Nintendo has proven, throughout the years, that their games are consistent winners. With Nintendo breaking the price barrier on the competition, I predict that this will be one the hottest holiday gifts for 2006. Just watching someone play the Wii, you can see the enthusiasm and you can watch the motion of the Wii as gamers simulate bowling by moving their Wii wireless wand back and forth. Learn how to make a strike by just fine-tuning your stroke, just like bowling! Hats off to the geniuses at Nintendo and IBM for their collective efforts on developing the Wii. Hot features such as the abilities to create your own avatars as you play games. Creativity is key in this new Wi-Fi generation. This truly is revolutionary gaming. It will make non-gamers into gamers and gamers into true gaming pros! It is family friendly and yet, this will appeal to the 20 and 30 something crowds on up. If you aren’t on the waiting list to buy one, you might want to make that your priority. Don’t procrastinate on this great gaming console. We’ve seen them all, now see the best! Don’t settle for anything but wireless with Wi-Fi.

We will be bringing you reviews, straight from our gamers, in the upcoming weeks before Christmas. As we review each game, you can decide if it’s right for you. Coming up, you’ll get a sneak peak at the game they’re all talking about: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! There are a whopping 62 titles that are going to hit the shelves within the first 5 weeks of launch for the new Wii and we’re here to make your gaming choices easier. We’ll help you decide which games out of the 32 new Wii titles and the 30 classics are your best bets.

So, continue to be impressed with the most revolutionary game system to hit our planet. Move over, Microsoft and Playstation…the Wii will blow your doors out at a fraction of the price of what the other gaming systems cost. Best of all, you get more punch for your gaming dollars with the introduction of Wi Sports, which is included with the Wi console!